stay small, sweet one


Stay small, sweet one.
Remain in these moments
where the world is big, beautiful, awe-inspiring.

Stay small, my child, and look on in amazement at the wonders before you
the birds flying seamlessly through the brisk air
the puff of breath you see before your eyes on a chilly morning.

Oh my sweet child
if only I could feel a blade of grass on my hand for the first time
and sit in bewilderment of its soft, tickling texture the way you do.

Stay small, sweet one.
Allow the warm summer breeze to blow you into another world
as the taste of fresh picked berries melts on your tongue.

Sweet little one
what a gift it is to be captivated by the sound of the crisp leaves crunching beneath your feet
muting the deafening noise of this life, if only for a moment.

Stay small, sweet one
for only through your eyes does this world exist as it was meant to;
every space filled with wonder,
every living creature a fascinating miracle,
every person, in all of their glorious uniqueness, worthy of your abundant love.


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