Airplane Seat Belt Hack

Lincoln was buckled safely into his car seat, smile on his face, with his current favorite book (Touch and Feel Pets) in his lap on our first airplane ride.  I buckled the airplane seat belt over his car seat and settled back into my own seat, ready for take off.  Then I heard it.  That distinctive ‘click’ followed by the sweetest giggle on the face of the earth.

I buckled the seat belt once again, and Lincoln immediately unbuckled it and smiled up at me with glee.  Oh, joy.  We’ve discovered a game.  One which breaks the rules of flight in addition to putting baby in danger if we were to encounter any significant amount of turbulence.

This joyous affair continued for quite some time until I finally gave up, said a prayer that the Lord would keep him safely unbuckled in his car seat until we landed, and ordered a glass of vino.  You win this time, Lincoln.  But next time, momma is coming prepared.


Enter my sneaky seat belt hack.  Use it to cover the belt buckle over the car seat or when buckling your toddler straight into the seat.

  1. Locate a tube sock that has lost it’s mate. The more narrow (tighter) the sock, the better.
  2. Cut the foot off.
  3. Slip it over one side of the seat belt, buckle it, and pull it across to conceal the safely clasped buckle from tiny hands.

Unless Lincoln is feeling particularly mischievous, this typically works and prevents me from having to spend the duration of the flight buckling and re-buckling a seat belt.  And if your babe is anything like mine, he/she must be buckled in or the result looks a little bit like this… IMG_7919

Good luck, world travelers!  I hope this simple trick makes your time with Baby on the Go a little bit easier.

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