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img_1507I started making my own baby food when Lincoln was about six months old and quickly realized that spoon feeding wasn’t always the best way to go.  Lincoln loved using the store bought pouches, and it made life so much easier.  We could use them while on-the-go, he could feed himself, and cleanup was much better.  However, the store bought pouches are expensive and with a foodie like my boy, we go through a lot!  Plus, I really like to make his food myself so I know exactly what he’s getting, not to mention that it saves us some serious cash.  That is when I started my search for the perfect reusable baby food pouch, and let me tell you, I found it! We absolutely love Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches.

Here are just a few reasons I love these pouches:

  1. They come in various sizes.  When Lincoln was just starting out with solid foods I had trouble finding reusable pouches that were small enough to fit comfortably in his tiny little hands.  These pouches come in several sizes, beginning at 3.4oz (which means they can go through airport security, too!)  We own both the 3.4oz and 5oz sizes and love them.  They are also available in a 7oz size and a variety pack with two of each size! dsc_5169-2
  2. They are durable and made to last.  We have had our pouches for almost 7 months now.  We use them A LOT and they still look, feel, and work like they are brand new. dsc_3614-2
  3. They are EASY TO CLEAN. This is a huge deal for me. Anything (especially baby-related items) that is difficult to clean or cannot be fully sanitized is not welcome in my home. I simply run warm water through the pouch and then load them into the top rack of the dishwasher for a cycle. The great thing is that they are sized and shaped appropriately to be hand-washed OR fit nicely right over the ridges on the dishwasher rack and there are no edges or corners for food to get trapped in. dsc_5090-2
  4. They are simple, functional, and reliable.  It is very easy to fill the pouches.  I simply hold it open with one hand and use a small spoon to fill.  I LOVE that it has a double zipper at the bottom.  It gives me peace of mind that we won’t have any awful surprise messes in the diaper bag, car, or anywhere else.  I have never once had one of these pouches leak. The peek-a-boo earth on the back allows you to see how much food is left in the pouch, which is convenient.  They can also be frozen and then thawed under warm running water if needed. dsc_3541-2
  5. They don’t contain scary stuff. They are PVC, Phthalate, and BPA free, the packaging and the pouches themselves are recyclable, AND they significantly reduce the amount of waste generated from store bought food. dsc_3575-2

It is an added bonus that the pouches are affordable, and made by WeeSprout, a small, family-run company.  You can visit their website here to learn more about their personal story and their inspiration for creating the pouches; their five adorable children!

I highly recommend these pouches.  Not only can they be used for baby food, but the slightly larger sizes would also be fabulous for packing into your child’s school lunch.  (Think smoothie, applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.)

Whether purchasing for your own use or as a gift, you cannot go wrong with Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches. They are available on Amazon, however, you can use the promo code CONONUTandRAIN to get a 15% discount when you purchase them directly from the company’s website HERE, and shipping is free!

If you give these a try, I hope you’ll share with me how they are working for you and your family.  dsc_5097-2dsc_5184

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  1. Tanja says:

    Thank you for the valuable information! Grandma should have these at her home too! Going to order some today. Thank you for the promo code and discount!

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