Our Little Pumpkin


Last week we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound!  I was so nervous leading up to this day.  I held my breath on the exam table, with Mitchell snuggling our sweet big boy as we all watched on the screen to see signs that our tiny little one was growing, thriving, and healthy.

Ultrasounds are typically scary for me.  I’ve gotten lots of bad news on exam tables just like this. While a lot of moms look forward to this day, focusing on learning their baby’s gender, I really can’t help but be nervous and afraid, and just hope and pray for a healthy baby.  Our little one was so excited to be on T.V. that he/she refused to hold still for the majority of the exam.  Thankfully, everything looked normal and we received some reassurance that our tiniest blessing is growing, healthy, and already full of life, just like big brother.  Additionally, the ultrasound revealed that my placenta previa (which has landed me on bed-rest and/or light activity for most of this pregnancy amidst a gamut of other complications) seems to be improving, which is really fantastic news!

I loved watching Lincoln’s expressions as we pointed out the baby’s head, arms, legs, and belly. He seemed so intrigued, and obviously a little confused.  At one point during the ultrasound he leaned over and rubbed my belly with his little hand.  He was probably just interested in the ultrasound gel, which he referred to as bubbles.  Regardless, it was a tender moment I won’t quickly forget.  This little guy has a way of melting away my fears.  As my mind raced with worry about our new baby’s development, my two year old little man reminded me with the simplest touch that he was there, that he is mine, and that everything will be okay.

Mitchell and I opted to find out the baby’s gender together right there in the ultrasound this time, instead of doing a ‘surprise’ reveal like we did with Lincoln.  (With Lincoln, Mitchell found out the gender and surprised me a few days later at a gathering with our family.)

We’ll be sharing soon enough, but in the meantime, do you have any guesses!?  Do you think our sweet Lincoln is getting a brother or a sister?



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