The PERFECT Diaper Bag

During Lincoln’s two years of life, I went through three diaper bags. THREE! They weren’t top of the line bags, but they were very popular (and by no means inexpensive) diaper bags. With daily use in addition to frequent travel, each one of them ended up failing me at some point. I knew something had to give this time around, so I made a list of things I was looking for in the perfect diaper bag.

1. Appearance. I spent a lot of time in my first two years of motherhood feeling unattractive. I didn’t put a lot of effort into my appearance, and toting around a massive, frumpy, brightly colored diaper bag didn’t help matters. Call me vain if you want to, but I want a bag that is trendy, doesn’t scream “diaper bag” and allows me to feel put together with it on my shoulder.

2. Multiple carrying options. Knowing my lifestyle and personal preferences, I quickly realized that I needed a bag with multiple carrying options. As a mom of a very busy little boy (and baby brother on the way) a backpack carry option is a big deal to me. It frees up both of my hands and allows me to be fully present and active while keeping my bag (and my child!) in place. The backpack carry is also crucial for me while traveling, which we do frequently.  It helps to be able to wear the diaper bag on my back and the baby in the front carrier while I pull my luggage, or at the very least to have both hands free. Because of my body type, I prefer a cross-body/messenger style bag when I’m not doing a back pack style carry, as over the shoulder is just not comfortable on my frame.

3. Functional. I want a bag that is suitable for those seasons when you pack a LOT (the newborn phase, for me) and the times when you need less. My previous diaper bags would look so slouchy and frumpy when they weren’t packed to the brim, and even when full, would just look lumpy and overstuffed. I want a bag that has enough structure on it’s own to hold it’s shape and look nice despite its contents.

4. Quality. Having owned multiple diaper bags, I want longevity.  I don’t want to have to invest in a new bag with each child (and certainly not multiple bags per child!) and I want something that will still be beautiful and purposeful when the diaper bag stage of my life is over.

Well, guess what? I found a bag that exceeded every one of these expectations and then some. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s a Lily Jade and it is PERFECT.

Not only are these diaper bags stunningly beautiful, they are incredibly functional. The bag featured in this post is the Meggan in Brandy and Gold.  Lily Jade has a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics within their collection. This particular bag is slightly larger than some of there other options, but still has a beautiful, slender structure so it doesn’t look oversized.  Would you believe that along with all of the newborn items you see pictured here in the insert, I’m able to also fit (under the insert) a change of clothes and a variety of snacks for Lincoln, an extra shirt for myself (the days of baby spit-up are coming my way!) and my wallet, cell phone, lip-gloss,  and other odds and ends that I like to carry with me. Because the bag has depth, you can really fit quite a lot in there, yet the high quality straps and build of this bag allow you to wear it with ease, despite how much you pack in.

The PERFECT Diaper Bag | Coconut and RainI cannot get over how beautiful this rich, full-grain genuine leather is. The Meggan is structured enough that it looks beautiful while being worn, doesn’t lose it’s shape despite how much or little you pack into it, and yet has more than enough give to lay comfortably on your body. With the high-quality construction and beautiful leather exterior, I know this is a bag that will only get better with time.

The PERFECT Diaper Bag | Coconut and RainI am obsessed with this removable insert.  It has so many pockets and they are all perfectly sized for a variety of needs.  How awesome is it that you can pull the insert out easily and still use the bag on it’s own?  Not only will this be great for the post-diaper bag stage, it’s fantastic now when I leave Lincoln with a sitter but want to still have my bag with me.  I just pack it up, remove and leave the insert with him/the sitter, and take my adorable bag with me for date night. Who knew there was a bag that could literally serve two purposes, in two places, at once? And did I mention that the insert is machine washable? THE INSERT IS MACHINE WASHABLE! That is music to my boy-mom ears.

The PERFECT Diaper Bag | Coconut and RainThese bags are made to be functional and fit YOUR unique needs.  This particular bag can be worn as a backpack, messenger bag, or over the shoulder and transitions from one to the next seamlessly.  I carry messenger style or back pack most frequently, and I love the flexibility that my Lily Jade offers in terms of carrying options.

I consider my Lily Jade to be an investment piece. It’s a functional diaper-bag, a gorgeous every day accessory, and will allow me to carry (figuratively and literally) these memories of mothering a toddler and newborn for years due to it’s impeccable quality.

The PERFECT Diaper Bag | Coconut and RainIn the spirit of transparency, I want you to know that I received this diaper bag in exchange for my honest review.  All the statements in this post are my own words and opinions. But just so you know how much I genuinely love this bag… I own two different styles.  I saved for the second one for a long time and bought it myself without hesitation.  They are just that good.

Go check out Lily Jade here to see their beautiful collection of diaper bags.  They just released a new line of corresponding wristlets, wallets, and these incredible packing cases that I am DYING over, too, and nearly everything is on sale right now!

The PERFECT Diaper Bag | Coconut and Rain

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