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Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainI’m excited to show you all the details of Lincoln’s new Big Boy Room soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek while sharing one very special element in our most loved part of his new space – the reading corner! His little reading area is his favorite spot in the room (and maybe in the entire house!) and it wouldn’t be complete without this Lorena Canals rug. We spend so much time in this space. His room is filled with books and if given the choice he always asks if we can read here.

Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainI knew when we put the room together that I needed some type of rug to anchor this space and set it apart, but I was hesitant to put a rug in my toddlers room. Why? Come on folks, he’s a toddler. And not just any toddler. He is wildly fun, hard on everything he touches, and an expert at getting things filthy in record time. Rugs are so difficult to care for, and I just didn’t think it would be possible to incorporate one while keeping things clean and sanitary. But then I stumbled across Lorena Canals Rugs.

Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainYou are not going to believe your ears and eyes mommas… these gorgeous rugs are MACHINE WASHABLE and designed to fit into a standard washer and dryer. Are you kidding me!? When I first read this I thought the fabric must be less desirable in order to hold up in the washing machine, but I was wrong.  When this rug arrived (and after having washed it twice already (thank you, child of mine) I was shocked at how soft and comfortable it felt.

Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainOur ‘first child’ Oliver the labradoodle, also loves the rug, as you can see. I adore the fact that I can allow our big pup to lounge here comfortably with his boy without worrying about the rug getting dirty.  The convenience of being able to wash it without worry has made it a place we can ALL enjoy and utilize fully.

Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainWhile the durability is obviously a favorite feature of mine, I also love that these rugs are designed with natural dyes, handmade, eco-friendly and contain no VOC’s like most carpeting and rugs. If my boys are going to be spending a lot of time snuggled up here, I want them to be safe, so this is something that I really appreciate.

Toddler Reading Nook | Lorena Canals Washable Rug | Coconut and RainWe knew we wanted shades of blue in Lincoln’s room, so this Geometric Emerald rug was perfect for us, but they have so many beautiful designs and sizes that are suitable for both adult spaces or kids rooms. They were picked by Vogue as a top baby product for celebrity nurseries, so if style and trend matter to you, you can’t go wrong with Lorena Canals. You can read testimonials and see all the positive press they’ve received here.

My favorite thing about it (aside from the special time I get to spend reading with my boy here) is that for each rug sold, a contribution is made to help impoverished children in Northern India attend school. Lorena Canals is focused on breaking the poverty cycle for these kids by making education accessible, allowing them to secure a better future and life.

I love this rug so much, I’m considering another to utilize in our dining room. I’ve been searching for a practical yet stylish solution to the dining chairs scratching the hardwood for quite some time. With these beautiful machine washable rugs I wouldn’t have to be hesitant about placing a rug under my dining table, even with two small boys and a giant dog.

If you have any questions about our rug or how it’s holding up, don’t hesitate to ask me.  I’ve always so appreciated when people share with me their ‘tried and true’ products and picks, and I’m really grateful to be able to share this one with you. If you are considering one of these rugs, now is a great time to check them out. Lorena Canals is having a sale of up to 50% off until the end of the month!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All of the opinions and statements above are mine alone.

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